Within the section cross country skiing of the Sports Club, you can find various activities : preparation for the competition, the biathlon and adults leisure.

* For the preparation for the competition:

The entrance at the section cross country skiing is done from the category BENJAMIN 2. Before this one, it’s the cross country skiing’s home who take kids in charge.

With 4 coaches, the cross country skiing in Chamonix train young people to shine in major national and international races.

You have no intention of becoming a champion of tomorrow ? No worries, the club moves across every competitions of the department, in a sportive and also friendly mood.   

* For the Biathlon:

You want to ski in the footsteps of Martin Fourcade, Enora Latuillière, or Clément Dumont ? The cross country skiing section proposes biathlon training.  

From the category Cadet, regular training shooting with a certificated coach.  

* For Adults Leisure:

Passionate by the nordic skiing ? thirst of improvement ?

The section leisure was made for you. It’s in a good atmosphere that are proposed some sessions framed by monitors that always smile. Some training courses at the four corners of Europe, some long distance races, prestige but festive.


Good glide!



President Marc MIRETTI 06 41 85 12 10

Childrens from 2008 (foyer) to 2012 (club)


Inscriptions  September the 9th at "forum des sports"

Trainings :

Prices 2018-2019 :

Competitor membership : 215 €

Equipment rental : 60 €

Establishment class fees Mont-Blanc lycée: 140 €
Biathlon membership fee: 60 € for the young, junior, seniors - 115 € for the cadets
License FFS: 95 €: 2003 and after - 122 €: 2002 and before
Trail access card: 60 € card for U16 and personal approach after U16

·       ADULTS

Contact :

Prices 2017-2018 :

Membership : 21 €

6 technical session : 90 €

Long distance races training: 100 € deposit and readjustment according to the number of participants
License + cot CSC according to your choice:
Special Snow Card background: 43 €
Snow Card medium: 58 €
FFS Competitor License: 122 €
Chamonix Trail Access Map (to be managed individually by taking your access card to the home):
Nordic'Pass 74: 118 € (pre-sale 97 €)
Nordic'Pass Rhône Alpes: 150 € (pre-sale 135 €)
Nordic'pass National: 200 € (pre-sale 175 €)