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T. Présidente :


Judo is an educative sport which can be practiced from the age of 4 Based on the traditions’ respect, judo offers a pedagogic and progressive approach by using the technical knowledge, the coordination of movements, the flexibility development and the respect of the moral values (refer to the moral code).

SEASON 2017/2018

Beginning of the activity on wednsday 11th September 2019 at the dojo, at the sports center Richard Bozon.

Possible loans of kimono/judogi for the tests. 


President Fauqueux Delphine 0612136914




Children from 4 years  and adults


Inserts to the forum and the sports center during class hours


Training Reinstatement: Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Number of members : 75


Christophe Gaudet ,  degreed teacher  (state certificate 2nddegree, ).





Children born in 2012 2013

4.30 p.m - 5.30

  4.45 p.m - 5.45

Children born in 2010- 2011

5.30 p.m - 6.30

5.45 p.m - 6.45

Children born in 2009

and before

6.30 p.m - 8.00

6.45p.m - 8.15

children born in 2014/2015

9.00am-10.00(servoz) 11.00am-12.00(majestic chamonix )   

New : children born 2014 /2011 : wednesday 9h/10h servoz ,

           vallorcine children Wednesday afternoon

          Adults :taiso Wednesday 20H/21H

RATES 2017/2018 (including membership, license, courts and insurance)*







2009 ......




+ 18 years old : 185€        4/5 years  :140 €.   taiso 140 €(=22€)

* -10% on the courts from the second person registrated in a same family (father, mother, child).

** Sportive passport (for 8 seasons) only compulsory from 2010and before, price FFJDA : 9 €


Documents required to the registration :

- A completed registration form.

- A medical certificate with the compulsory mention “no indication against the practice of judo competition” (even if your child doesn’t practice competition).

Functioning: it’s preferable that parents don’t come during the courts. The judokas must get around with taps, have their nails cut and have a gourd. They must respect basics rules of judo: punctuality, politeness, mutual respect, greetings… and be quiet in the dojo.