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Inscriptions take place at the "Forum des sports" september the 9th from 10am to 5pm at Salle Coubertin of Centre Sportif, EXCEPT for Adults, they are at gymnasium from september the 11th.


Season 2019 - 2020 :

# miniclub (5/7years old) limited at 2 groups of 10 peoples
150€  for the year with licence FFME inclue 
Climbing's gymnasium of ENSA.
5/6 years old : wednesday 10H / 11h15 
6/7 years old : wednesday 11h15/12h30

# club young  (8/10 years old)  
160€ for the year with licence FFME inclue 
at the Climbing's gymnasium of ENSA 
Wednesday from 13h30/15h
or Wednesday from 15h / 16h30 

# club Teen (11/19 years old) 
190€ for the year with licence FFME inclue at the Climbing's gymnasium of ENSA
Optional sessions 

- friday from 6pm to 8pm, 
- sunday from 6pm to 8pm, 


# club Adult (From 18 years old) 
Inscriptions take place directly on the sessions at the gymnasium from september the 11th.

+ Recall : the medical and the health questionnaire are MANDATORY.

245 € from september to june with licence FFME
195 € from january to june with licence FFME
150 € from march to june with licence FFME 
Licence FFME (out of club): 80 €

Monday 17h30 / 21h30
Wednesday 18H30 /21H30
Thursday 17h30 / 21h30
Saturday 17h30 / 21h30


Sport college study: 
return september the 14th at the climbing's room of ENSA
Wednesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm, 6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème
Thrusday 3.30pm - 5.30 pm, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème

 # The climbing's club of Chamonix in collaboration with the middle school Frison-Roche home a sport school section from 6ème to 3ème.

General Operation : The admission files are to take off after a selection session what is about may the 15th according to the following criteria : 

  • climbing's level on mind
  • physical's level for climbing (pull, sheathing, strength)
  • perfect management of belay on mind and on mill 
  • results in competions FFME and UNSS
  • of motivation 
  • of behavior and school's results 

Selected students will be licensee at the climbing's club of Chamonix and at the UNSS. A meeting will take place the same day as the selection. An other application for admission will be made every ends of years for the years after. 

The climbing's club of Chamonix is the responsible structure and manager of the operation in the extra-school part of every trainings's activities related at this structure, except for the travel on the training's spots, ENSA's gymnasium, Richard Bozon's sports center, where the travel are the responsability of parents.  

Goals :

From initiation to trainings 
Regionals and Nationals competitions FFME and UNSS
Trainings : wednesday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm (6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème)
Thrusday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm (5ème, 4ème, 3ème)
And very hight level with the Local Training Center.

Type of structure: The local training center of Chamonix is a structure belonging to the access channel to high-level sport of the French federation of mountain and climbing, validated by the national commission of high-level sport . It is intended to welcome sportsmen with high potential, eager to try the experience of high level.
The aim of the Cluster will be to provide them with a high level of sport in all its facets (regular and intensive training, internships and competitions at national and international level, etc.) and to offer means of study assistance time, school support, catch-up, homework help, etc.), so that they can carry out their educational and vocational projects at the same time.
Sportives's missions of Pole are the following :
  • Supply annually the France cluster, which is the top floor to the local centers in the selective pyramid that leads to the senior French team.
  • Continue the training of high-level climbers by training adapted and consequent, in order to guide them progressively towards an individualized improvement.
  • Give an experience to the athletes likely to be selected in the France Hope team, in order to make them quickly effective at international deadlines.
  • Arming the young athletes so that after their several years of work, they are quickly performing at the senior international level and become the French champions of tomorrow.

This sporting project can not be dissociated from a professional project adapted to the demands of the high level. The athlete is placed at the heart of a system that must give him the means to fulfill his sporting and academic goals while preserving their physical and mental integrity.

By integrating the Pole, the athlete takes an extra step in his journey leading to sporting excellence.

A medical, sports and school support network will be set up to facilitate the emergence of this athlete's life project.

Recruitment mode : 

- The athletes must be dismissed in a club of Haute Savoie.
- Admission files will be withdrawn during the school year.
- A selection committee will meet each year to study new issues.
- A new application for admission will be made at the end of each year for the following year, whether in the case of transfer to the higher level of study or in case of repetition and will be re-examined with the new files.

Framing :

Sportive side :

  • Head of administration : Sports Club of CHamonix. 
  • Trainers : Fabrice Judenne et Romain Desgranges.
  • Physical trainers (bodybuilding) : Olivier Gauthrin.

School side :

  • Responsible for school supervision : Cité Scolaire Roger Frison-Roche of Chamonix (timetable development).
    – organisation and gestion of tutoring.
    – help for school work. 


Medical monitoring :

ENSA's doctors


Training's work :

Climbing pan and/or bodybuilding's room of Richard Bozon's sportive center of Chamonix. 
ENSA's climbing room of Chamonix. 

Annual's trainings :

- from the return to Toussaint : general preparation (bodybuilding, other sports, climbing) and specific preparation (specific bodybuilding, climbing) 

- from Toussaint to febuary : sepcific prapation (specifi bodybuilding, climbing) and preparation for open competions, regional championship, inter-regional championship.

- from febuary to Easter : prepation for UNSS competitions and France senior championship.

- from Easter to the end of the year : preparation for France FFME hope championship.

Effective : 

On a problem of work quality and secrity, the effective will be composed of 8 to 14 girls and boys. 

Partners :

  • Sportive center of Richard Bozon : access to the climbing wall and bodybuilding's room
  • community of communes of Chamonix valey 
  • FFME
  • Chamonix's Sports Club 
  • BEAL