2019 Climbing World Cup

Among the biggest worldwide climbing events, Chamonix Mont-Blanc is now registered as an inevitable step. After more than 19 years in organization of international climbing competitions ; an Europe championship in 2002, a world championship in 2003, twelve world cups and a second Europe championship in 2013, Chamonix welcomes the climbing world cup.

Competitions for this 2019 edition :

  • Lead World Cup & speed world cup

Experience and ability with the Mont-Blanc as decor.

For more than 19 years, Chamonix Sports Club organizes one of the most beautiful “climbing” competitions with the support of its climbing section and its 50 volunteers, but also with its numerous audiences present in Chamonix.

The experience of the Sports Club of Chamonix is now widely known thanks to the big international races that it organizes in different sports as the alpine skiing world cup men (Kandahar), Mont-Blanc Marathon’s races…

For the French Federation of the Mountain and Climbing, the success is guaranteed. On an artificial structure, the climbing wall is put outside, at the foot of the Mont-Blanc. A common wish shared by the town of Chamonix and by organizers for that everybody can enjoy the amazing and rare panorama that offer the Mont-Blanc range.

Base camp in Chamonix : ambiance guaranteed !

Chamonix invites the numerous audience (more than 20 000 persons), to come admire the biggest champions during these three days of free access on competitions.

Thursday, July 11th 

10:00 :  Men & women qualification SPEED

20:15 :  Opening ceremony (place du Mont-Blanc)

21:00 : Free concert of Michael Jones


Friday, July 12th


09:30 -18:00    Men & women qualification

20:00 : Broadcasting of a film intitled : Changabang and the mirrors of a repetition


20:30   Women & men final

21:30   Awarding ceremony


Saturday, July 13th


10:00 -12:30    Women and men semi-final

17:30 - 20:00   Films on mountain and climbing

20:30    Women and Men final

22:35    Awarding ceremony

22:45    Fireworks