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Valentine FABRE

Introduction :

Valentine has discovered ski mountaineering in 2002. She practices where she live: Chamonix, les Houches. Her favorite place: the Mont-Blanc mountain range with the Argentiere glacier.

Her best capacities are, downhills and starts, nobody can follow her. But, in flat parts, Valentine is more in difficulty, but she works to become the most versatile possible.

As challenge and for the taste of effort, she competes. In the French team, she is really happy to participe in international races. She reports: " This appartnance of the French team offers me the possibility to be with professional people, coaches and athletes who share their experiences."

Alongside her sporting career, Valentine is medical officer. 


Ranking :


· 14th in the individual event and 12th in the vertical race at the Font Blanca World Cup (And)

· 10th in the individual event and 13th in the sprint at the World Cup in Cambre d'Aze (Fra)

· Vice champion of France clubs

· 3rd French champion in vertical race

· Vice champion of France in individual

· French sprint champion 2016

· 6th in individual event in Italy

· 12th in vertical race race in Andorra (Esp)

· 15th in Individual World Cup Andorra (Esp)

· Relay world champion in 2013

· Champion of France by team in 2014 in Chamonix

· French sprint champion in 2015 in Chamonix

· Injured in 2016


Highlight :

·      3rd in the Pierra Menta with Véro Larthuaz in 2007


Results 2016-2017:


. 26th, sprint 7.5km to Beitostolen


. 31st, sprint 7.5km to Beitostolen


. 2nd, mixed relay at Ridnaun-Val Ridanna


. 11th, sprint 7.5km to Ridnaun-Val Ridanna


. 9th, pursuit 10km to Ridnaun-Val Ridanna


. 21th, individual 15km in Obertilliach


. 4th, sprint 7.5km to Obertilliach


. 20th, sprint 7.5km to Martell-Val Martello


. 21ème, sprint 7.5km to Martell-Val Martello


. 4th, individual 15km in Arber


. 23th, individual 15km to Duszniki


. 36th, sprint 7.5km to Duszniki


. 21st, pursuit 10km to Duszniki


. 11th, mixed relay in Duszniki


. 4th, individual 15km to Kontiolathi


. 25th, pursuit 7.5km to Kontiolathi


. 9th, pursuit 10km to Kontiolathi


. 5th, mixed relay in Otepaa


. 48th, sprint 7.5km to Otepaa


. 1st, sprint 7.5km to Otepaa


. 2nd, mixed relay in Otepaa


. 37th, sprint 7.5km to Holmenkollen


. 26th, pursuit 10km to Holmenkollen