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With the run-up given by the professional team of Chamonix evolving in league Magnus, the Valley is taken by the phenomenon hockey! But it is not always that easy to practice it when you’re older than 12 and you are not a professional.

Fortunately, an adult section for spare time was born at the bottom of the Mont Blanc. Trainers, matches, laughing and most of all, the sharing of a passion, but also of a friendly time. Let you take on playing.

Registrations : about the registrations rates, the membership at the Hockey spare time section 2016-2017 is fixed at 172.28€ and includes the price of the license, of the subscription at the Sports Club and a contribution of 50€ paid back to the Minor Hockey.

Tow times : 

Monday, 20h to 21h &  21h15 to 22h15